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"It's a great way to get insights on the happiness in your team. Gives you the opportunities to address problems in real time."

"I've been using Happily with my team and it improves the communication with the people I currently manage."

"Happily is a good place for people who want to keep a journal but fail to keep it due to their busy lifestyle."

"It makes it easier for organizations to understand employees and get feedback from them."

"The app is attractive, engaging, and easy to use."

"Good things happen when feedback is shared and people are cared for in Happily."

It's a great way to get to know the team's feedback.

It is an app where you can express feelings of commitment to the organization, and you are rewarded for engagement.

"Allows you to express your opinions about the workplace. When I can't speak out, I use Happily to share my feedback."

"Gives us good ideas and can be applied in work and life."

"I like it very much. Cute app with good questions. Give us a chance to get and receive feedback."

"I have used Happily's nudges and insights to develop myself."

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