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Happily's not just a pulse survey tool. It's an employee engagement and culture platform built to give you the insight you need to develop your organization and talent, boost employee morale, and drive continuous improvement.

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Happily.ai has allowed us access to fine-grained feedback and happiness measurement in our organization. We see a drastic improvement in positive thinking and ways we can improve everyone's quality of life here at Swiftlet.

Arthit H. - Managing Director at Swiftlet

Questions ready-to-go!

Get started with pre-installed questions that help you get the correct feedback at the right time. Questions are backed by science.

Over 350 questions are set up and ready for you to use.

Add your own custom questions to get company-specific feedback and insights.

Collect coins when answering questions, it's fun and rewarding.

Centered around meaningful conversations

The best feedback is a conversation that builds trust and stronger relationships.

Daily pulse questions build trust and create alignment between the employee and their manager.

Real-time analysis of tone and effort is provided to make sure feedback is appropriate.

Initiate valuable, and sometimes difficult, conversations that managers should be having with their team.

Develop your Power Skills

In today’s workplace, soft skills (human skills) are now power skills —skills that need to be practiced and developed to be readily used.

Develop Empathy, Self-awareness, Initiative-making, Leadership, Optimism, and Critical Thinking in your workplace.

See which areas are most under-practiced to target with Learning & Development initiatives.

Help people develop so they’re better, and better to work with.


Happily.ai gives us real-time updates on the team's well being which helps us ensure that the team is happy, engaged and that we are sticking to our core values. Giving everyone the ability to give/receive recognition, provide 360 feedback, donate to a cause and participate in the team challenges are great tools for MAM's success.

Michelle S - Head of Admin & Brand at Move Ahead Media

Personalized reports delivered to your inbox

Managers receive reports in their email inbox each morning. Easy to access, read, and understand.

Daily Reports provide an overview of team sentiment and a summary of survey responses.

Weekly Reports provide tactical recommendations on what managers can do to better support their teams.

Monthly Reports provide a strategic perspective for employees and managers on their engagement and progress.

Advanced people analytics & dashboards

An unprecedented view and understanding of your organization, people, and how they work together.

Real-time insights at every layer, with a spotlight on critical areas for improvement

Export team level data as a .xls file for further analysis

A Report Card displays key engagement metrics by team or cohort and view change over time.

Measure Engagement, Culture, and Impact

We measure your most important people metrics by analyzing key behaviors rather than just survey responses.

Happily's engagement model is built on top of essential behaviors that indicate employee engagement.

Measure well-being, resilience, and the strength of your culture.

Identify impactful talent, as measured by relational and behavioral analytics


download (1).jpeg

It is truly amazing how Happily took the very challenging yet important variable of employee engagement and made it simple, fun and easy to achieve. Even in an organisation like ours where people are willing to speak up, the nudge theory used by Happily has elevated that culture to another level. Most of us think we have a grasp of how our people are doing, but you will be surprised at how much more you get to know about your employees with a tool like Happily.

Sashe Kanapathi - COO at Leaderonomics Digital

Simple yet powerful peer & manager recognition

Give your employees and managers a chance to give recognition in a way that’s fun, meaningful, and easy.

Employees can use a power-up to give coins to their peers to show appreciation for positive effort.

Managers have a special gem recognition to give to top performers each month.

Power-ups have a cool-down period after use; scarcity increases accountability and value.

Put your core values
front and center

Core values don’t just belong on a careers page; they should be actively practiced and upheld.

Leadership medals of excellence can be customized to match your company core values.

Reinforce values with peer recognition, focusing on your key values, behaviors, and traits.

Get access to Recognition Analytics that show you how recognition is given and received.

Take your pick
and we'll do the rest

Recognize and reward certain behaviors and outcomes from a preset library, or create your own.

Reward behaviors such as perfect attendance, quality feedback, networking building, and more.

Set up automation by month, quarter, or year.

Unlimited recognition through the My Happily admin console or the Happily API.



“Happily.ai helps people on different teams get to know and connect with one another, and I can see that our ability to collaborate and work together is stronger…while having a real-time measure of our organizational strengths and how everyone is feeling.”

Dr. Sornnarong Kanpai - Smile Pets Animal Hospital

Join Happily Houses!

Each House selects for a certain work style —product, process, or people. Help people learn how to work with others.

Get sorted into one of the three great houses, Leonos, Corovus, or Delphinus based on an assessment.

Compete by collecting points for your House through interactions in the Happily Village.

Boost collaboration, reduce team conflict and build unity and cohesiveness.

Battle Stadium &
Running Track

Bring joy and excitement into the workplace through fun activities that develop informal networks.

Play weekly missions through that encourage group activity, performance, crafting, and photo sharing.

Create your own missions or tap into our library of 50+ missions, updated weekly.

Encourage an active lifestyle through friendly competition on the Running Track, using real distances.

University & Town Hall

Promote crowd-sourced or admin moderated learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Employees can lead their own learning events and be rewarded with coins from attendees.

HR teams can reward attendees to increase participation in training programs.

Post topics, polls, or group checklists in the Town Hall to encourage discussion and knowledge sharing.



It’s all about engagement for us…small groups to large groups…the focus on innovating rewards and recognition. We already have 300 people in the factory growing very quickly, which makes this challenge even greater; the effort it takes to maintain culture and drive that culture into new staff and bring them onboard. Happily helps us ensure they understand what we’re trying to achieve.

Ben Dobbs - Managing Director at Alliance Laundry Thailand

Reward your employees for engagement and impact

Provide flexible rewards and company perks in a way that the most engaged and highest contributors get rewarded most.

Select from a catalog of +50 rewards, company perks, and social campaigns.

Reward management is included at no additional cost. You're charged the cost of the reward plus tax.

Create your own custom rewards too!

Gift cards instantly delivered

Rewards are so much better when you can use them right away. We make that possible and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Join our instant rewards program and your employees can receive gift cards as quickly as they redeem them.

Instant Rewards are available for select countries (contact us for details).

Join our CSR program that lets your employees give

Participate in social causes that make our world a better place. Research says we’re happier when we give.

Give your employees a way to contribute to social good and causes they believe in

New social campaigns are added every month

Create and host your own social campaigns!

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