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An end-to-end AI solution that transforms how your organization “works.”
It's *literally* game-changing.

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Did you know? A toxic culture is 10.4 times more likely to contribute to employee turnover than compensation, according to an MIT study.

"After 3 years, we still see +94% weekly adoption. Incredible."

Our clients get lasting engagement and results with Happily

Fewer Meetings. More Alignment.

Save hours every week

High Trust & Accountability

Core values in daily practice

Happier, Healthier Employees

Increase eNPS by 2-3x

Attract & Retain Top talent

No more unwanted exits

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Because culture is how things get done and engagement is the fuel. Want to know our secret?

Organizational culture made easy, fun, and data-driven

Align on purpose

People are motivated by purpose. Communicate and reinforce your mission, purpose, and goals regularly with Happily Sparks™.

Reinforce your values

Your core values turn into culture when people act according to them. Reward value-driven behaviors with Happily Recognition.

Create role models

When people don't know how to act, they follow others. Transform your leaders and managers into role models using Happily Nudges.

Is your organization struggling with high turnover rates and disengaged employees?

Get a free organizational health scan to gain valuable insights and uncover hidden opportunities.

People analytics that are actually useful

Practical Insights

Managers get personalized daily, weekly, and monthly insights in their email inboxes with Happily Reports.

Real-time Dashboards

Access real-time data visualizations across all layers of your organization to get a deep understanding of your employees.

For everyone

Information is most valuable in the right hands. We provide data and recommendations to everyone —from employees and managers to HR and leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How exactly does Happily help my company or team?

Happily helps companies improve engagement and culture by focusing on creating positive habits and better work relationships through daily pulse surveys, gamification, recognition of good work, and rewards.

What do organizations get from Happily?

Happily identifies engagement blockers and helps you take action in real-time. Our reports and nudges show your team's health scores (daily sentiment), management tactics (weekly), and in-depth insights (monthly) for your strategic plans.

My team culture has changed considerably since the Pandemic, how can Happily help with this?

With Happily, employees can connect with their manager and team daily. Managers can quickly and effortlessly support their direct report's performance goals, happiness, and well-being.

How does Happily help in building a positive culture?

We put employees at the center of feedback and engagement and rewarding participation. Over 1000 teams from various industries benefit from 99% adoption and +90% weekly activity. The result is a 3-5x increase in employee satisfaction and the elimination of toxic behaviors in the workplace.

Create a continuously improving and self-healing organization

Individual & organizational development that's always happening, specific to the opportunity and challenge of the day.

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Trusted by Top Companies

See how over 1,000 teams use Happily to create happy, high-performing teams

Happily is by far the best app I have used for recognition, satisfaction, and feedback. I was also delighted to see that the majority of my employees use the Happily app on a daily basis.

Jeremie T - CEO at Morphosis Apps

It is truly amazing how Happily took the very challenging yet important variable of employee engagement and made it simple, fun and easy to achieve.

Sashe K - COO at Leaderonomics Digital

With Happily, I can understand my teams in a whole new way. The platform has initiated numerous impactful policies and provides me with data to make sound judgments and better decisions.

Suharit S - CEO at DHA Siamwalla

Because culture is how work gets done
and engagement is the fuel.

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