Tailored Pricing Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Empower your workforce and elevate company culture with our all-in-one platform, trusted by +1,000 satisfied teams. See how a 100-person company saves $240,000 a year with our ROI Calculator.

Up to 300 employeesBetween 300 and 2,000 employeesMore than 2,000 employees
Daily Check-insDaily pulse surveys and get access to +300 questions pre-scheduled for you and refreshed regularly
ConversationsOpen-ended feedback transforms into conversations between managers and their team through a message inbox
Peer & Manager RecognitionEmployees all get access to coin power-ups, and managers get special access to a gem power-up
Activity Feed & UpdatesDisplay a list of recognition and other meaningful interactions initiated within Happily
RewardsSelect from +50 rewards and reward those who engage in feedback and making your organization better
Insights & Reports for ManagersDaily, Weekly, and Monthly email reports are sent to managers to help them better understand their team
Advanced Insights for HR & LeadersFor special roles, gain access to detailed dashboards and deep analytics
Custom RewardsCreate your own rewards in the form of gift cards, company perks, or social campaigns
Access to Happily VillageCommunity-building interactions that include the Happily Houses, Battle Stadium, University, Town Hall, Running Track, and Gift Shop
Manager Nudges & GuidesTimely push notifications sent to managers to help them take the right actions with their teams
Happily Sparks™A library of +500 daily learning content delivered each morning
Multiple User RolesCreate special roles that can access different parts of the admin console and manage your account
Onboarding & Rollout SupportAn implementation led by our Customer Success team that includes a kick-off, training sessions, and more!
Single Sign-on (SSO)Use your Identity Provider to federate app login
HRIS IntegrationsSync your employee data with your HRIS or HRM platform to consolidate member management
Happily APIAccess our APIs to integrate Happily to your business workflows
Reward ServicesThe Happily team will handle all reward management and procurement workflows for you3%3%3%
UptimeSLA details96% Uptime SLA98% Uptime SLA99.5% Uptime SLA
SupportCustomer support response time and availability3-5 Business DaysSame Day4-hour Response Time
Contact SalesContact SalesContact Sales

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How does Happily determine which accounts are inactive that do not get charged?

An inactive member in Happily is a member that has not logged any activity in the app for the entire month (reading email reports does not count as in-app activity).

How does reward pricing work?

Rewards are charged based on monthly consumption and can be curated from our list of company perks, gift cards, and social campaign catalog.

Other than monthly subscriptions, do you have other payment terms?

You can gain added benefits and services for annual contracts. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Will the pricing change as Happily releases more features?

We release new features every month! When you start subscribing to Happily, your price is locked in and you will be able to gain access to new features at no additional cost.

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