A Success Story with Primal

Thailand's #1 Digital Agency uses Happily.ai to engage, retain, and build a happy workplace

"Our staff retention rates and happiness have significantly improved since implementing Happily.ai."

Mark McDowell


Key Outcomes

Empowering Peer-to-Peer Recognition for Enhanced Engagement

A fun and effective platform for employee recognition, enabling managers and peers to acknowledge each other's efforts, fostering a culture of appreciation. The outcome? Better team engagement and a rewarding work environment.

Streamlining Employee Feedback for Superior Customer Success

Collecting employee insights to improve customer success, morale, and culture becomes easy. Recognition and feedback are simplified, paving the way for customer-centric success.

Boosting Employee Retention with Real-time Feedback and Recognition

Daily check-ins offer instant, valuable feedback from teams. Combined with an easy recognition system, this leads to increased staff retention and happiness. The result? A stable, content workforce driving your organization's success.

An interview with Mark McDowell

CEO, Primal Digital Agency

How has Happily.ai impacted your organization's employee engagement and overall organizational culture?

It's given us a better channel to send recognition not only from managers but from individuals working cross-teams. Our teams love the playful nature of the app and they love the rewards.

What were the key challenges or pain points you were facing before implementing Happily.ai? How has our solution addressed those challenges?

Finding a way for us to give recognition and get insights from our employees to deliver better customer success, morale and culture.

Can you share any specific examples or success stories that highlight the effectiveness of our solution?

Our staff retention rates and happiness have significantly improved since implementing Happily.ai.

In your experience, what are the standout features or aspects of Happily.ai that have had the most impact on your organization?

The daily questions are a great way to get feedback from teams on a real-time basis and enabling our teams to give recognition easily which in the past was difficult to monitor and measure.

How did your team initially respond to implementing Happily.ai into your organization, and are you satisfied by the level of engagement and adoption rates achieved?

They have improved over time having built usage into manager KPIs to ensure adoption. The team were excited to use the platform when introduced and have grown to love the platform.

Based on your experience with Happily.ai, who do you believe would benefit the most from using this app? Are there specific types of organizations that you think would find it particularly valuable?

Any organisation that cares about people analytics, culture and team happiness.

Do you care about culture and team happiness?

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