A Success Story with NocNoc.com

A leading e-commerce marketplace that uses Happily.ai to engage teams and retain talent

"Happily has significantly improved the engagement between managers and team members."

Thitikorn (Keng) Setthalikhit

Head of Seller Operations at NocNoc.com

Key Outcomes

Enhancing Employee Engagement for Business Success

Stronger relationships between teams and managers become a reality. This improvement boosts communication and builds a positive work culture. The result? A thriving business that's rooted in engaged employees.

Streamlining Employee Check-ins for Increased Productivity

Make regular employee check-ins a breeze. Quick issue resolution is now at your fingertips, elevating work satisfaction and productivity. The outcome? A boost in your business performance.

Leveraging Real-Time Insights for Proactive Management

Daily check-ins provide managers with instant insights into their team's state of mind. This real-time knowledge empowers managers to make proactive decisions. The advantage? Enhanced business agility and superior organizational results.

An interview with Khun Thitikorn (Keng) Setthalikhit

Head of Seller Operations, Nocnoc.com

How has Happily.ai impacted your organization's employee engagement and overall organizational culture?

Happily.ai has significantly improved the engagement between managers and team members. It's a tool that streamlines the needs and feelings from members to the higher-ups, improving relationships and cracking down on mental health issues (if any).

What were the key challenges or pain points you were facing before implementing Happily.ai? How has our solution addressed those challenges?

Being very busy with overwhelming work, I found that it's very challenging to check in with each member regularly. Happily.ai helped me to get in touch with team members with very little effort. With Happily.ai, I know of issues sooner so I can give a hand to team members faster than before. This helps lower the challenges team members have to face and increases work satisfaction for them.

Can you share any specific examples or success stories that highlight the effectiveness of our solution?

Before implementing Happily.ai, the turnover rate was very high. After we started using Happily.ai, the turnover rate went down significantly. The tool allows managers to get in touch with team members more easily.

In your experience, what are the standout features or aspects of Happily.ai that have had the most impact on your organization?

The daily quiz is the thing I like the most. It's very simple but powerful. It can give managers a real-time temperature of the team so managers can take action earlier.

How did your team initially respond to implementing Happily.ai into your organization, and are you satisfied by the level of engagement and adoption rates achieved?

Team members are very excited about Happily.ai. It's a frustration for team members too that they can't connect with their managers. Employees would love to work with an organization that they're comfortable with, and Happily.ai creates that comfort for them.

Based on your experience with Happily.ai, who do you believe would benefit the most from using this app? Are there specific types of organizations that you think would find it particularly valuable?

Very small companies may benefit less from Happily.ai. I would say any organization from 15 people and above is suitable for Happily.ai. The bigger the organization, the more benefits the company gets because gathering feelings, opinions, and feedback from every single employee is tough work for a big conglomerate. However, Happily.ai can do this regularly so management can sense the employee temperature daily. This is very valuable information that is very important for organizations nowadays.

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