A Success Story with JacksonGrant Recruitment

An engineering and technical recruitment specialist uses Happily.ai for employee engagement and culture building

"Happily.ai helps to increase the team's awareness of the importance of recognition and constructive feedback."

Ohmmar Thinn Kyi

Human Resource Business Partner

Key Outcomes

Promoting Recognition for Engaged Collaboration

Foster a culture of regular recognition and feedback, making these crucial interactions a daily routine. The result? An engaged and collaborative work environment.

Enhancing Engagement in Remote Work Settings

Address the challenges of remote work and lack of appreciation. Promote high engagement levels no matter where your team is located. The outcome? A united, motivated team.

Boosting Company Core Values

Raise core value awareness within the team. Aid teams in living and breathing company values in their daily tasks. The impact? A team that embodies your organization's core values.

An interview with Ohmmar Thinn Kyi

HR Business Partner, JacksonGrant Recruitment

How has Happily.ai impacted your organization's employee engagement and overall organizational culture?

Happily.ai helps to increase the team's awareness on the importance of recognition and constructive feedback. From the stage where giving recognition and feedback are formal, it has helped to transition them into the daily routine and natural interactions with every team member. It has impacted the overall organizational culture in a more engaged and collaborative way.

What were the key challenges or pain points you were facing before implementing Happily.ai? How has our solution addressed those challenges?

Before Happily.ai, the engagement level of the team was very low due to the remote work, and lack of regular recognition or appreciation. Happily.ai has solved this by promoting engagement no matter where the team is working.

Can you share any specific examples or success stories that highlight the effectiveness of our solution?

There are many but one of the examples is how effective it is for the managers and team leaders to see and understand their team members' interactions and opinions that they never have shared or talked to them directly. And the weekly and monthly analysis reports help them to see the overview of how their team is doing. It helps them find solutions quickly and can be proactive or reactive in effective ways if there is any risk.

In your experience, what are the standout features or aspects of Happily.ai that have had the most impact on your organization?

Specifically for us, after we changed the company brand and our core values, the value hashtag features have helped a lot to raise the brand & value awareness of the team. Whenever the team gives appreciation to each other, they match and include values with the aspect that they want to mention. In that way, they get familiarized with our core values and live and breathe them in everything they do in their daily work life.

How did your team initially respond to implementing Happily.ai into your organization, and are you satisfied by the level of engagement and adoption rates achieved?

Initially, the team accepted it just as a fun and playful way to engage with each other. However, after we raised awareness of the reasoning behind the platform, and after they saw how impactful and effective it is for everyone daily, they used it in a more meaningful way.

Yes, I am satisfied with the level of engagement and adoption rates achieved.

Based on your experience with Happily.ai, who do you believe would benefit the most from using this app? Are there specific types of organizations that you think would find it particularly valuable?

I would say that any organization would benefit the most from Happily.ai. It would be particularly valuable for organizations with diverse or remote teams where the regular daily interactions are not very active among team members.

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