A Success Story with Ash Asia

A marketing, distribution, and retail company with a focus on functional fashion accessories transforms their management and HR processes

"Happily.ai has transformed our management and HR processes, helped us understand our employees better, and significantly improved our overall work environment."

Nopphakaow, Elin, and Sawas

Ash Asia HR Team

Key Outcomes

Boosting Connection Across Locations

Unite managers, employees, and leaders, no matter their location. Help address challenges, gives valuable insights, and strengthen team bonds. The result? A united and engaged workforce.

Powering Decisions with Data

Data-driven insights for crucial decision-making. Leaders can tackle important team issues proactively. The outcome? A leadership team that truly understands its people.

Streamlining HR and Management Tasks

Simplify management tasks and empower HR with comprehensive reports. Respond to individual concerns genuinely, creating a positive work environment. The impact? Happier employees and a better eNPS score.

An interview with Nopphakaow, Elin, and Sawas

The HR team at Ash Asia

How has Happily.ai impacted your organization's employee engagement and overall organizational culture?

Choosing Happily.ai has proven to be a pivotal decision for Ash Asia. Its ability to connect our managers, employees, and management across different locations seamlessly is remarkable. Happily.ai goes beyond monitoring employees’ sentiments; it effectively helps leaders and managers tackle team challenges, and manages HR's scope of work, offering invaluable analytical insights that help us build stronger relationships within our team.

Our leaders appreciate the proactive approach Happily.ai offers, allowing them to follow up based on weekly reports rather than mere intuition. The platform's data-driven insights help shape vital discussions, keeping the leadership informed about the issues that matter most to our teams.

Thanks to Happily.ai, we've seen a significant improvement in our eNPS score, as our consistent efforts to hear, value, and recognize employees and managers have resulted in greater employee satisfaction.

Can you share any specific examples or success stories that highlight the effectiveness of our solution?

We've seen the direct impact of Happily.ai in action. For instance, the insights report of the top leader has allowed him and the team to take concrete actions and initiate crucial discussions within departments.

In your experience, what are the standout features or aspects of Happily.ai that have had the most impact on your organization?

On a scale of 1-10, we rate Happily.ai a perfect 10 for managers, relieving them of the burden of micro-management and enabling them to truly hear their team's voices. For our HR team, the platform is a game-changer. Even with a lean team of three managing all locations, Happily.ai allows us to understand and respond to each individual's concerns and feelings genuinely. This 100% benefits us, as we can use the comprehensive reports to communicate with all work functions and leverage data to create a positive environment.

Based on your experience with Happily.ai, who do you believe would benefit the most from using this app? Are there specific types of organizations that you think would find it particularly valuable?

In conclusion, we are more than happy with Happily.ai. It has transformed our management and HR processes, helped us understand our employees better, and significantly improved our overall work environment. We highly recommend Happily.ai to any organization seeking to enhance its culture and employee engagement.

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