What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employees. It describes the extent in which employees are enthusiastic about their work.

To understand Employee Engagement is challenging because it is not just about “happiness” or “satisfaction.” It is not a result of conducting annual surveys or benchmarking one team against another.

Engagement made up of many different aspects of worklife that creates the right conditions so that your employees can be their best at work. At Happily, we use 9-dimensions to help you understand the nature of engagement on each of your teams.

3 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement Now

Enable Real-time Feedback

Having a timely feedback loop between employees, managers, and their organization is the most critical aspect of unlocking better engagement. Engagement cannot be sustained without an open feedback culture.

How can you get your employees to give you timely and honest feedback?

Support People Managers

People managers are responsible for the engagement and well-being of their teams. How can we better support our managers to help them understand and overcome challenges?

It is said that employees do not leave companies, they leave their managers. It is also true that people stay at companies because they have great managers.

Create better habits

Positive interactions and connections at work are the most powerful force of engagement. Better habits such as recognition, peer feedback, self-improvement, an active lifestyle, and skill exchange all contribute to a significantly better employee experience.