The Power of Recognition

What motivates us the most? What makes us most productive? Latest research shows that top performers are motivated most by positive reputation and the want to be appreciated by others.

The traditional approach to show our top performers appreciation is through financial incentives (bonuses and raises). However, these method are expensive and ineffecitve over the long term. Instead, we should look to intrinsic motivators like recognition.

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Happily helps empower each of your employees with a way to recognize the positive work of others. Employees can give coins to anyone that they see doing great work around them. Managers can give gems to their top performers each month. Leaders can give medals that are aligned around the company's core values. When was the last time you were recognized for great work? How did you feel? By making recognition a habit in your workplace, you're creating a self-sustaining mechanism for motivation and positive connections!


For those that have been helpful. Cooldown period of 7 days.


For those that have been a star. Cooldown period of 14 days.


For those that have been top performers. Cooldown period of 30 days.


For those that have achieved excellence. No cooldown period.

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