Recognition & Rewards

Reinforce and reward behaviors aligned with your values

Create a high-performing culture and drive employee engagement with a value-based recognition and rewards solution

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Employee well-being

Eliminate psychological pain working against values

Sense of belonging

Drive human connection through shared values

Happy workplace

Create a workplace where people feel valued and appreciated

The Next-Gen Recognition Solution

Simple yet powerful peer & manager recognition

Give your employees and managers a chance to give recognition in a way that’s fun, meaningful, and easy.

Employees can use a power-up to give coins to their peers to show appreciation for positive effort.

Managers have a special gem recognition to give to top performers each month.

Power-ups have a cool-down period after use; scarcity increases accountability and value.

Put your core values
front and center

Core values don’t just belong on a careers page; they should be actively practiced and upheld.

Leadership medals of excellence can be customized to match your company core values.

Reinforce values with peer recognition, focusing on your key values, behaviors, and traits.

Get access to Recognition Analytics that show you how recognition is given and received.

Take your pick
and we'll do the rest

Recognize and reward certain behaviors and outcomes from a preset library, or create your own.

Reward behaviors such as perfect attendance, quality feedback, networking building, and more.

Set up automation by month, quarter, or year.

Unlimited recognition through the My Happily admin console or the Happily API.

Recognition & Rewards's end-to-end AI Culture Solution

   Core Values


While individual recognition is important and reduces an employee's propensity to leave, creating networks and communities is equally crucial in developing a sense of belonging and promoting collaboration.
Interested in an AI solution that offers cost-effective and time-efficient daily team-building activities that foster cohesiveness and promote a collaborative learning culture in the workplace?

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It is truly amazing how Happily took the very challenging yet important variable of employee engagement and made it simple, fun and easy to achieve. Even in an organisation like ours where people are willing to speak up, the nudge theory used by Happily has elevated that culture to another level. Most of us think we have a grasp of how our people are doing, but you will be surprised at how much more you get to know about your employees with a tool like Happily.

Sashe Kanapathi - COO at Leaderonomics Digital

Do you have 2-min? Here’s a sneak peek

Unlock your business potential with's Culture Diagnostic Analysis!

We handle the bits and pieces. You get data-driven insights.

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