Real-time Insights & Analytics

Timely and practical insights to improve organizational health and performance

Deep and practical reports delivered to managers with dashboards for leaders and HR

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Identify issues when
they happen


Data designed to be useful
and actionable


Updated in real-time
with automated reporting

The Next-Gen People Analytics Solution

Your Org Health Dashboard

Access information about your organizational health in it’s latest state. View information at a glance and in detail.

Get a quick overview of your organizational health across different layers and dimensions

Understand true engagement from relational and behavioral measurements

Leverage people analytics without the hassle of data management and integrations


People Intelligence

Get to know your people by understanding their holistic contribution.

See real-time employee happiness and health to assess people risk

Get to know talent who are most impactful based on recognition, engagement, and other behavioral signals

Make data-driven people decisions with confidence

Report Card & Trends

See how your organization is doing, improving, and declining in over 100+ different essential areas:

Understand employee satisfaction and factors that drive engagement

Quickly and easily run comparisons between periods to study trends

See scores by team or cohorts to identify areas of strength and opportunities


Real-time Insights & Analytics's end-to-end AI Culture Solution

   Community Building

Culture Fit   

Assessing new hires for culture fit and aligning them with acceptable behaviors during recruitment is crucial for maintaining a high-performing culture.

Interested in incorporating a science-backed assessment tailored to your culture and values into your recruitment process?

Continue reading to learn more has allowed us access to fine-grained feedback and happiness measurement in our organization. We see a drastic improvement in positive thinking and ways we can improve everyone's quality of life here at Swiftlet.

Arthit H. - Managing Director at Swiftlet

Do you have 2-min? Here’s a sneak peek

Unlock your business potential with's Culture Diagnostic Analysis!

We handle the bits and pieces. You get data-driven insights.

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