Operationalize Core Values

Bring your core values to life with positive reinforcement

Make your values part of daily actions and decisions to foster alignment and create a self-healing organization

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Bring to front

Make your values
top of mind

Continuous Reinforcement

Empower everyone to reinforce
and uphold values


Recognize your value

The Next-Gen Culture Building Solution

Core Values Alignment

Recognize and reward behaviors aligned with your core values to create an environment that supports positive actions

Get everyone to participate in reinforcing shared values

Create accountability for how values are expressed and rewarded

See recommendations on how to improve alignment


Performance Measured

Make values a part of your performance management to embed your culture into your system

Bring transparency to contributions that impact the organization

Identify talent that exemplify certain values and skill traits

Measured in real-time in the background

Daily Interventions Designed Just for You

Bring your values to the forefront of how you work, make decisions, and improve skills.

Benefit from questions and interventions designed for your unique values

Get your teams to think critically about how they contribute to shared values

Create alignment between employees and management


Core Values
Happily.ai's end-to-end AI Culture Solution

   Human Skills


Operationalizing core values and integrating them into daily actions is crucial, and reinforcing and rewarding behaviors aligned with those values is equally important to maintain a high-performing culture.

Interested in a value-based recognition and rewards solution that can help promote the desired behaviors and foster a culture that aligns with your organization's core values?

Continue reading to learn more

Happily.ai gives us real-time updates on the team's well being which helps us ensure that the team is happy, engaged and that we are sticking to our core values. Giving everyone the ability to give/receive recognition, provide 360 feedback, donate to a cause and participate in the team challenges are great tools for MAM's success.

Michelle S - Head of Admin & Brand at Move Ahead Media

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