Human Skills Development

Guide positive people interactions to navigate conflicts without toxicity

Identify strengths and weaknesses and use feedback to improve soft skills

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Skill Development

Develop soft skills
that are lacking

Feedback with Awareness

Improve the quality
of communication


No extra time
or touch points required

The Next-Gen Human Skill Development Solution

Action Learning at it's best

We learn best by doing, and that especially goes when developing human skills (soft skills) which require real-time feedback and coaching.

Practice human skills in daily feedback without any extra effort

Improve the quality of communication and feedback in real-time

Provide positive reinforcement that is timely and effective


Focus on Human and Value-based Skills

Research shows that human skills are essential for effective teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. Ensure your teams have the skills to express your core values in their work.

Improve empathy, self-awareness, critical thinking, initiative-making, leadership, and optimism

Get a 360-degree view of strengths and weaknesses through Peer Feedback

Embed skills associated with your unique culture and core values

Measure Progress on an Individual and Organizational Level

Make it easy for everyone to see progress made on their development goals and identify high-flying talent.

See progress on skill development on a daily basis

Identify talent in your organization that excel at core skills

Design effective and targeted development programs using current skill assessment data


Human Skills's end-to-end AI Culture Solution

   Effective Managers

Core Values   

In today's fast-paced business world, having human-centered managers and employees who actively develop their soft skills is essential for success. However, it's not just about the individuals - it's about aligning these skills with the organization's core values.

When was the last time you conducted an audit of your Organizational Culture? gives us real-time updates on the team's well being which helps us ensure that the team is happy, engaged and that we are sticking to our core values. Giving everyone the ability to give/receive recognition, provide 360 feedback, donate to a cause and participate in the team challenges are great tools for MAM's success.

Michelle S - Head of Admin & Brand at Move Ahead Media

Do you have 2-min? Here’s a sneak peek

Unlock your business potential with's Culture Diagnostic Analysis!

We handle the bits and pieces. You get data-driven insights.

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