Effective Managers

Develop managers accountable for their team effectiveness & outcomes

Provide managers with the data and tools to engage and retain their teams

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Proactive & Supportive

Enable well-informed,
empathetic managers


Decide using data
instead of gut instinct

Personalized Coaching

Help managers
communicate effectively

The Next-gen Leadership Development Solution

Replace Micro-management with Micro-understanding

We help managers build trusting relationships through meaningful conversations.

Conversations designed to foster understanding

Gain insights into team challenges, thought process, and more

Initiate difficult conversations that manage expectations and create alignment


AI-assisted Replies to Improve Quality of Conversation

Providing managers with real-time coaching on how to reply to team feedback

AI-Generated based on the context of the conversation

Provide guidance on how to handle challenging feedback

Practical Insights for Effective Problem Solving

Managers receive reports in their email inbox each morning. Easy to access, read, and understand.

Daily Reports provide an overview of team sentiment and a summary of survey responses.

Weekly Reports provide tactical recommendations on what managers can do to better support their teams.

Monthly Reports provide a strategic perspective for employees and managers on their engagement and progress.

Effective Managers
Happily.ai's end-to-end AI Culture Solution


Human Skills   

Managers and team members must possess human (soft skills) to effectively give and receive feedback, promoting a productive and healthy work environment.

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Happily.ai has allowed us access to fine-grained feedback and happiness measurement in our organization. We see a drastic improvement in positive thinking and ways we can improve everyone's quality of life here at Swiftlet.

Arthit H. - Managing Director at Swiftlet

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Unlock your business potential with Happily.ai's Culture Diagnostic Analysis!

We handle the bits and pieces. You get data-driven insights.

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