Community-building Activities

Team-building, Microlearning, Rewards, and more

Create informal networks through constructive game-play and activities run on autopilot

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Develop informal networks
to improve innovation

Learning & Development

Benefit from easy-to-digest

Reward Engaged Talent

Provide company perks
and gift cards

The Next-Gen Community Building Solution

Join Happily Houses!

Each House selects for a certain work style —product, process, or people. Help people learn how to work with others.

Get sorted into one of the three great houses, Leonos, Corovus, or Delphinus based on an assessment.

Compete by collecting points for your House through interactions in the Happily Village.

Boost collaboration, reduce team conflict and build unity and cohesiveness.

Battle Stadium &
Running Track

Bring joy and excitement into the workplace through fun activities that develop informal networks.

Play weekly missions through that encourage group activity, performance, crafting, and photo sharing.

Create your own missions or tap into our library of 50+ missions, updated weekly.

Encourage an active lifestyle through friendly competition on the Running Track, using real distances.

University & Town Hall

Promote crowd-sourced or admin moderated learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Employees can lead their own learning events and be rewarded with coins from attendees.

HR teams can reward attendees to increase participation in training programs.

Post topics, polls, or group checklists in the Town Hall to encourage discussion and knowledge sharing.

Community Building's end-to-end AI Culture Solution



Understanding true engagement from relational and behavioral measurements is essential for improving organizational health and performance. Moreover, it's imperative to study real-time insights that reflect the dynamic nature of the Organizational Culture.

Interested in a solution that provides a real-time overview of your organizational health across different layers and dimensions?

Continue reading to learn more gives us real-time updates on the team's well being which helps us ensure that the team is happy, engaged and that we are sticking to our core values. Giving everyone the ability to give/receive recognition, provide 360 feedback, donate to a cause and participate in the team challenges are great tools for MAM's success.

Michelle S - Head of Admin & Brand at Move Ahead Media

Do you have 2-min? Here’s a sneak peek

Unlock your business potential with's Culture Diagnostic Analysis!

We handle the bits and pieces. You get data-driven insights.

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