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Better work relationships. Better work culture. In under one minute a day.

For less than the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription, improve your team performance and engagement to hit your goals faster.

Key for hybrid and remote teams.

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1034 teams have used Happily

Here's what they have to say...

Happily is by far the best app I have used for recognition, satisfaction, and feedback. I was also delighted to see that the majority of my employees use the Happily app on a daily basis.

Jeremie T - CEO at Morphosis Apps

It is truly amazing how Happily took the very challenging yet important variable of employee engagement and made it simple, fun and easy to achieve... most of us think we have a grasp of how our people are doing, but you will be surprised at how much more you get to know about your employees with a tool like Happily.

Sashe K - COO at Leaderonomics Digital

Before we look for achievement, we first place importance on employee happiness. With Happily, I can understand my teams in a whole new way. The platform has initiated numerous impactful policies and provides me with data to make sound judgments and better decisions.

Suharit S - CEO at DHA Siamwalla

Benefits of working with Happily

Encouraging the most productive 1-min a day exercise to maximize employee engagement and recognition.

Real-time insights for managers

Easy to read reports delivered directly to your inbox to help understand your people and how they're feeling everyday.

Proactive Managers

Practical data and suggestions from Happily Dashboard that help managers resolve problems quickly and improve team morale.

Team Alignment

Teams that work together need to stay on track. Happily encourages people engagement in order to stay connected to the mission of their work.

Improve individual and organizational health

Among workplace apps, Happily is the lifeline for vital people processes, scientifically proven to make us happier, healthier, and more productive.

Enhance Feedback Culture

65% of employees desire more feedback from their managers. Happily understands this facet, and aids feedback culture through rewards and recognition, as well as providing an AI Assistant to help busy managers keep their workforce happy.

Motivated Performers

Employees need to feel heard before they can be motivated to work effectively and efficiently. Happily assists managers in taking care of teams, in return resulting in a more motivated and happier workers.

Key Statistics

>1,000teams trust Happily to improve their company culture.
> 20,000users trust Happily for managerial feedback, recognition and creating work relationships.
69%of employees said they would work harder if they received feedback at least once a week.

How it works

A quick, simple, and fun way to create engagement and alignment in remote teams

Daily Check-ins

Pulse surveys of 3-5 questions each morning where employees share how they're feeling, voice feedback and reflect.

Build Trust.

Developmental Exercises

Participate in guided interactions such as peer feedback and welcoming newcomers while receiving contextual nudges that transform mindsets and drive change.

Create Alignment.

Real-time Insights

Access +100 engagement & organizational health indicators with live dashboards and automated manager reports, curated by our People Science Team

Better People Decisions.

Recognition & Rewards

A fun way to give your employees a way to show appreciation and recognize positive behaviors, with flexible rewards.

Reinforce your Culture & Values.

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People analytics that are actually useful

Practical Insights

Managers get personalized daily, weekly, and monthly insights in their email inboxes with Happily Reports.

Real-time Dashboards

Access real-time data visualizations across all layers of your organization to get a deep understanding of your employees.

For everyone

Information is most valuable in the right hands. We provide data and recommendations to everyone —from employees and managers to HR and leaders.

Easy to configure
Easy to use
Live support

Is your culture toxic?

Take a quick 5-min free assessment and get a score.

Create a continuously improving and self-healing organization

Individual & organizational development that's always happening, specific to the opportunity and challenge of the day.

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Because culture is how work gets done
and engagement is the fuel.

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