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Not all feedback is created equal.

Annual surveys don't work

Employees do not benefit from answering truthfully. And by the time results are analyzed and shared, it's already too late.

Feedback isn't just about collecting data

The real value of feedback is the conversation it sparks, building trust, and strengthening workplace relationships.

Designed for humans, not machines

People need a reason to participate. So, we made Happily fun and rewarding.

How it works

Everyone is crazy busy, we get it.
We make participation quick, meaningful, and fun.

Daily Check-ins

Start each day with a few questions that help you align with your manager and reflect on yourself.

Guided learning & interactions

Receive nudges, micro-learning, recognition & peer feedback opportunities, community-building activities, and more!

Real-time Insights

Access +100 people metrics with managers receiving team reports daily, weekly, and monthly.

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Your teams' most powerful
1-min 🕐 a day

Reap the individual and team benefits of positive habits and interactions

Real-time Insights

Easy to read, timely, actionable, and personalized for everyone

Proactive Managers

Managers can finally start acting instead of reacting

Team Alignment

Quickly understand and close gaps or misalignment


Develop core skills, such as empathy, that make people great to work with

Reduce Turnover

Always know who's at risk of leaving and intervene immediately

Motivate Performers

Identify and elevate top talent with recognition and rewards

Trusted by Top Companies

See how over 1,000 teams use Happily to create happy, high-performing teams

Happily is by far the best app I have used for recognition, satisfaction, and feedback. I was also delighted to see that the majority of my employees use the Happily app on a daily basis.

Jeremie T - CEO at Morphosis Apps

It is truly amazing how Happily took the very challenging yet important variable of employee engagement and made it simple, fun and easy to achieve...most of us think we have a grasp of how our people are doing, but you will be surprised at how much more you get to know about your employees with a tool like Happily.

Sashe K - COO at Leaderonomics Digital

Before we look for achievement, we first place importance on employee happiness. With Happily, I can understand my teams in a whole new way. The platform has initiated numerous impactful policies and provides me with data to make sound judgments and better decisions.

Suharit S - CEO at DHA Siamwalla

We make company culture easy, fun, and data-driven

Customize your Happily experience to fit best with your company values

Align on purpose

People are motivated by purpose. Communicate and reinforce your mission, purpose, and goals regularly. Communicate purpose with Happily Sparks™.

Reinforce your values

Your core values turn into culture when people act according to them. Reward value-driven behaviors with Happily Recognition.

Create role models

When people don't know how to act, they follow others. Transform your leaders and managers into role models using Happily.

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